Pre-Tuning Info

  • Car must be mechanically reliable, and ready for a tune. I will not install parts on, or fix your car for you. If you need parts installed, we can work out something before we schedule tuning.
    • If your car breaks down due to your oversight on mechanical condition, the maximum refund/liability is up to a full refund on tuning, no more.
    • If time is needed to diagnose issues not related to the tune, you will be charged at $20/hr minimum, if even willing to diagnose this issues for you.
  • Recommended you have extra oil, extra coolant, and extra set of spark plugs on reserve.
  • You must have a wideband Air/Fuel meter gauge for any tune.
    • The reason being is that proper air/fuel mixture is required for safe & reliable running of your motor. I will not willingly tune a car without being able to adjust the tune to these readings.
  • Stock Honda injectors only good for up to about 10 psi of forced induction. Same as stock Honda map sensor. Upgrade your injectors/map sensor if you want more.
  • Must have a version of Hondata s300 (v1, v2, or v3 acceptable).
    • Otherwise will consider tuning chips if you have all the hardware on hand (chips, chip burner, software, cables, etc.)


  • Base Map – $20
    • Base map – Gets your car started and able to move. NOT recommended for driving, and especially not for racing.
  • Base Tune – $50 – $100 (depending on how specific the tune)
    • Base tune – Gets your car up to a daily driver condition. Recommended for to/from work, not racing. Basically am only making sure your car will not stall or smoke, and drives smooth under normal driving/cruising conditions. Not tuning for power or for high rpm reliability.
  • Street Tune – $200
    • Street tune – Involves tuning your car on the street for reliable performance (not specifically maximum performance, which a dyno would be recommended for). Involves tuning your setup to be as fun and reliable as possible. Will aim to increase power as much as possible, but without a dyno to see results, will not know if peak power is reached. Recommended for daily driving and general all-purpose fun.


  • Mobile Service – +$20
    • Additional fee to come to you.
  • Wideband Not Installed – +$50 – $100 (depending on install complexity)
    • Additional fee to borrow a wideband sensor and gauge, and have it installed and removed at end of tuning. Your car will not be tuned without a wideband. $180 and you can keep the wideband installed.
  • Forced Induction Tune – +$50 – $100 (depending on how aggressive the build + tune)
    • Additional fee to tune for forced induction applications (Turbo, Supercharger, ITB, Nitrous, etc.