Stream FAQ

PsychBot is a self-scripted twitch chat bot designed by AeonPsych.
Under times of heavy use or viewer exposure, commands may have a cooldown of up to 30 seconds per user.

!commands – Lists most PsychBot commands
!commandse – Links most StreamElements commands

!song / !djsong – Responds with the most recent song played during DJ sets.
!djsongs – the 3 most recent songs played during dj sets. In case of multiple songs/mashups.
!uptime – Current time live
!followers – Current # of followers
!followed – Check if you follow Aeon
!viewers – Current # of viewers
!chatters – Current # of people in chat
!shop – Link to Aeon’s Merch Store
!prime – Subscribe for free with a linked Amazon Prime account.
!sub – Link to subscribe on twitch (or just click the official sub button)
!tip – Link to tip to aeon. See tip panel for more details.

!social – mixcloud, discord, twitter, youtube, instagram links in one message.
!discord – Aeon’s Discord chat server
!yt – Aeon’s YouTube
!twitter – Aeon’s Twitter
!mixc – Aeon’s Mixcloud page
!instag – Aeon’s Instagram
Chat Games:

!chatgames – List commands for chat games
!rhod – Top 3 roulette victims
!rvictims – Total roulette victims
!bombstats – Total bomb victims, and personal score
Currency, Rank, Etc.

!pills – Check your points and rank
!serank – Get your current Stream Elements Rank on the points leaderboard.
Points (pills) are tracked at approximately 2/minute, but only distributed every 10 minutes.
New followers gain 4 upon following.
Hosters earn 20 upon hosting.
Cheers earn 80 per 100 bits cheered.
Tips earn 10 per $1 tipped.
Subs earn 100 upon subbing.

There are a few secret commands involving Aeon, twitch user muchbudderdoge, and twitch staff rizenfrmtheashes. Only the most true fans know these commands!
There are a few secret responses set in 8ball, roulette, and dig.
The current max rank is at 32,000 pills.

Bit Boss Battles ~ Quest Mode! 
Trying out a new feature that allows viewers to damage the current Bit Boss (displayed on stream) through twitch cheers. 
[Quest Mode] also allows viewers to earn free twitch subs for themselves or to gift to others, AND allows free tips to me from completing each quest. 
Check it out, and let me know what you think!


Support me by either subbing here through [Twitch], by purchasing [Aeon/community designed apparel], by tipping through [StreamElements], by cheering with twitch bits, or for free by completing quests in the new [Bit Boss Battles ~ Quest Mode]!
Private sub servers on Discord for twitch subs
Subbing and Tips directly support the stream


* Tips are made through StreamElements, with on stream readouts for $1 or more.
* There are 5 special variations for tipping certain amounts.


Extra shiz:
Text To Speech (TTS) for tips at least $1, cheers at least 5 bits, all subs.
– Variation alert graphics for: 1, 5, 100, 1000, 5000, and 10000 bittie amounts.
– Variation alerts (graphics and sounds) for: 1.89, 3.33, 33.3, and 4 other randomly chosen for all other amounts.
– Host alerts for hosts at least 1 viewer (no TTS).